Keri and Libby Reserve CH Jr/Am jumpers at The Oaks in California
Keri with Ellie, a PMU foal started with clicker training and ADOPTED TO CINDA IN OREGON!

Lola, a clicker trained PMU foal ADOPTED TO TAMMY IN CALIFORNIA!


Keri has been involved with horses since she was 6 and has competed in various disciplines including jumpers, eventing, junior rodeo and dressage. Most recently she has been involved with PMU rescue. She has adopted 3 draft crosses and they have all been clicker trained. Keri’s knowledge of equine behavior, learning theory and teaching skills make for an effective and positive way to teach people how to train their horses.

WHAT: Clicker training is based on the use of positive reinforcement and has been proven as a successful training method with marine mammals, dogs, cats, horses, zoo animals and even fish! We use a marker signal, the clicker, to mark a moment that the animal does something right and then reward them with food, praise or a favorite game. Learning to break skills down into small and achievable steps makes learning less frustrating for the animal and they learn that the process is enjoyable. The end result is a positive relationship between human and horse and a tool that can enable horse owners to safely and humanely teach their horses to become wonderful partners no matter what discipline.

HOW: Keri’s goal is to teach you how to teach your horse. This begins with learning the mechanical skills behind clicker training and if needed, basic rope handling techniques. You will then learn how to teach your horse basic foundation skills that involve learning how to be polite around food and basic manners. Depending on the horse, clicker training can then be used for:

Creating enrichment for stall bound horses

Building confidence for fearful horses

Teaching basic manners such as standing at the mounting block, tying, standing for the farrier, trailer loading, leading, veterinary procedures, etc.

Increasing motivation in “lazy” horses and as a calming tool for “hot” horses


Oliver and beach

Oliver and beach take 2

Clicker Magic

Oliver and Keri, cross country at the Aspen Horse Trials


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